Having a Mac

I normally use Windows and once in a while Ubuntu. I'm one of the rare persons who love Windows 8. It is by far the best version. Mainly because I'm a power user. I never use the tiled start screen. It's like on a Mac. You should never use the application bar. You should use Spotlight. On Windows, you should use Windows+Q and Windows+W to find settings and applications. As soon as you've learned there two shortcuts, life is good.

Back to the Mac. These days, Windows constructors are a selling bad hardware. SSDs are rare, autonomy is bad, screen is ok (not wow), etc etc... Macs are strangely the best deal you can get. For instance, a Mac Book Air is the cheapest computer on which to run Windows efficiently. Doh.

So I ended up with a Mac and decided that before formatting it, I would try OS X (Maverick) just in case. Some stuff is good. It's really fluid and it wakes up instantaneously for instance.

However, the guy who did the windowing should be exchanged with an hostage of IS. That should slow them down. I will spare him if he agrees to implement the following suggestions:

  • Cmd+Tab should bring to front the requested window. Always. It doesn't matter is the window is minimized, in background or whatever. Just bring it in front
  • Cmd+Tab should allow to select between the multiple windows of an application. Or at least any other shortcut. Being forced to go to the Window menu is not a good option
  • Home should always go to the beginning of the line. End to the end. There's no point in randomly changing this behavior depending on the application
  • Also, Cmd+Left or Fn+Left should always go home. Cmd+Right or Fn+Left should go at the end. Pick one, stick with it and it should work everywhere
  • I should be able to lock my workstation immediately but also to have it locked automatically in 15 minutes. Those are two different needs
  • Why having virtual desktop for only maximized windows? Why can't I create as many desktops as I want and put whatever I want on them?
  • Being able to dock windows on the left or right natively would be nice. I currently use BetterTouchTool for that
  • We should really be able to hibernate for real. Even is it means that the computer will wake up more slowly in that case. Nothing is worst than leaving the computer to rest for the night and to discover in the morning that the battery ran out magically
  • The Windows ca-fr keyboard was perfect. Why moving the brackets and square brackets to somewhere I can't reach them? And don't get me started on the azerty on mac. It's a great feat to turn the worst keyboard on Earth into something even worse... 
That would be a good start. I've also replaced the shell but I will talk about that another time.