Devoxx4kids Material

When living in France, I started to help Devoxx4kids France a little bit. I think it is an amazing idea that will give kids skills that they will definitely needs later.

It also shows them that Facebook on your phone hasn’t appeared by magic. It took a lot of people for hundred of years to discover and master the required technologies.

Now that I live in Montreal, I’ve joined Devoxx4kids Québec. Last time I’ve brought my 3 years old. He played with a LEGO Mindstorm robot he built. I was amazed to see him enjoy it even though Mindstorm are 10+.

Anyway, all this is not the theme of this post :-)

This is a post that will evolve in time where I want to put all the cool learning tools I’ve encountered. And try to comment on them. This is mostly a selfish post that will prevent me from forgetting things. But you might found it useful. So here we go.

First, the official Devoxx4kids material.

Then my personal list (I haven’t tried everything. It’s just a list of cool stuff for me to remember).