Syntax highlighting in PowerPoint

Today I was wanting to copy some code in a PowerPoint presentation (yes, I still think PowerPoint is the best presentation tool there is).

On Windows, it's pretty easy. I used to use Notepad++ to copy the text including the highlighting and job done.

On a Mac, it seems a bit more complicated. There seem to be some IntelliJ plugins but I had no luck with them.

I ended up using a neat trick. It's not great but at least it works. One of the main drawback is that it always copy the entire file. And Powerpoint seems to have a bug. When you copy something that is larger than the slide, you don't get to have the "Keep source formatting" option.

Anyway, it's cumbersome but it works.

First you need pygments. Which is installed using pip
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install pygments

Then you can do that:

pygmentize -f rtf | pbcopy

It will highlight the file and put it in the clipboard. Tadam!

But I'm still open to any answer that is simpler than that...

UPDATE: It seems that the IntelliJ plugin 'Copy' on steroid is now working on my machine. It just magically copy as RTF text. Really useful